Monday, January 9, 2012

A weekend update and the pageant

So Emily and I went away with my friend Fleck for the weekend. Emily competed at "The Barbie pageant" and we had a BLAST! We arrived in Louisiana at the hotel late Friday night. We dropped Emily off for a lesson with her friend and pageant coach in a hotel suite her coach had rented for the lessons she was giving. While Emily completed her lesson, Fleck and I headed down to the very interesting hotel bar to have a drink. Let me just say........this wasn't the most upscale bar.  We had some really good laughs and it was a bit like being at the state fair. From the bartender who wanted to put her fake eyelashes on me to the Megadeath DJ who was giving us his best Karaoke rendition of, "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor". I had to text my cousin and inform her that she would be in tears at this location. It was a blast though and the bar was full of odd, but good people! I even got offered the best chocolate cake shot made in Louisiana by a very drunk man.......but I polietley declined.
After Emily's lesson we all settled in for the night. I woke up about four times during the night because I am conditioned to. I wondered how Mikey was handling Jude and the rest of the household. He doesn't seem to hear Jude or anything at night anymore when I am home. I think it's because he knows I am there and I will handle the situation. So I called him in the morning.

Me: Hi honey!
Mike: I am dying......
Me: why?
Mike: Cause you are gone and I am hungry and cold and lonely
Me: Oh my goodness.........well how was your night?
Mike: was there
Me: uh oh...Jude get up?
Mike: a few times, but not to bad but that *&^#& cat!!!
Me:( giggle) have to put him out BEFORE you go to sleep
Mike: well he must have snuck in on a Bigsby potty mission and I didn't notice
Me: oh dear
Mike: so the cat starts tapping on the blinds about 3am. I was so irritated I even had Bigs sic him! So I finally gave up and let him out and you know what that *&^@&@*@ cat did??
Me: banged on the door to come back inside once he went to the bathroom?
Me: giggle
Mike: it's not funny
Me: it kinda is

So anyway. Mike found emoticons on this Iphone and I got random sweet and funny texts throughout the weekend. The first one had a picture of a cat face with a tiny gun pointed at it. I cracked up.

Next I sent him pictures of Emily in her outfits and he replied "wow she is beautiful". What a nice step dad.

So then I told him I was really missing my Jude and he sent me this and I could just hear Jude saying "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

So before I went to bed that night I received another text from Mike with the little emoticon pictures...
"I (heart) you so much it makes me (smiley face) hurry and come (house) b4 I (skull face). Translated: I love you so much it makes me smile hurry and come home before I die. hahaha. He then sent " (cat face) (gun next to cat) (bath tub) (beer) (martini) (zzzz). Translated: I killed the cat then took a bath had a beer and a drink and am now going to bed. He is nuts! He then knew that Emily's crowning ceremonies were the next day at ten. He kept texting wondering how she had faired at the pageant which I thought was very thoughtful. He really is a romantic good guy!

I am happy to say Emily did VERY well. She received "mini supreme queen" which is an amazing title and she received top 15 at the pageant. They announced the top 15 girls of the entire pageant by sending their reigning royalty on stage carrying signs that were slowly turned around featuring the girls pictures. I think Emily was so excited to receive one of those posters that she didn't care what else she got.

She looks kinda happy here huh?

After the pageant Emily requested Chicken and Dumplings (her favorite) from "Crackle Barrel". I always remind her it's "Cracker Barrel". Anyway, we had a VERY nice weekend away. We turn around and go to another pageant at the end of January, but we don't have anymore planned after that for awhile. I am so glad I have such wonderful friends and family that do not judge and just support Em in what she loves. Pageants don't always get a good wrap but a beautiful girl with a wonderful heart knows what's important and life and what's just for fun.

Here is another picture of our amazing weekend. I am so glad our buddy Fleck went with us. She is such a GOOD friend!!!

It was a much needed relaxing weekend. I was so happy to be home with my family and my Jude. He was so excited to see me and I gave him big hugs!!! He was grinning from ear to ear.

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rocketmommy said...

That sounds like a really fun weekend. I love that your husband texted you all those little notes (I don't think mine even knows how to text lol). It was so sweet. Emily looked beautiful and was just glowing holding her special poster. I love the pic of Jude too. His big smiley pictures always put a smile on my face. =)