Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My dream

I had a dream that I was telling Mike that Jude knows what his hand is. I kept trying to convince Mike that Jude knows more than we think he does. So I had turned Jude on to his tummy and asked him to show his dad where his hand was. Suddenly Jude shook his hand back and forth like he was cleaning something. I exclaimed, "See!!! He listens he knows". Then Emily came into the room and I asked Jude to repeat what he had done and he complied. I woke up very happy and woke Mike up to tell him. I am not sure he was very happy with me because it was 2am, but I had to share!

Thanks for the suggestions on the diapers. Jude is over 40 pounds and the size 6 diapers just do not fit him anymore. We will be alright. Our diaper fairy is truly amazing. She is such a blessing.

Emily and I are going to Louisiana this weekend. She seems so excited. I had a commission check that was messed up so I was going to cancel, but she wants time alone with me so bad that I made it work. I am looking forward to the weekend with her.

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