Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A movie with Jude and a cry fest

It obviously been an emotional week. I think my husband got that last night because he was very loving when I got home. We even sat down to watch some happy shows like "Glee" and the movie "Dolphin Tale". Let's just say that my "happy" shows left me with very puffy "cry" eyes today, but that's not a bad thing. They were happy cries and I think I needed them.  I did not watch the entire episode of Glee, but the ending was what caught our attention. Mike called me over and rewound the TV so I could watch. There stood "Becky" who has Downs Syndrome waiting to hear if the boy she likes wants to date her. He let her down gently and she asked him if it was because she was to strict or something to that affect. He agreed (with a look of dishonesty) and then Becky turned to walk off. Tears welled up in her eyes as she walked down the hallway and then her inner voice began to play in the perfect British accent of Helen Mirren. Her inner voice said she knew it was because of the downs and her struggles she faces. ARGH, I bawled. Everyone's inner voice is perfect rather we are English, British, disabled, or not. Although, it was the realization that none of us have any idea what goes on in our children's minds. I thought it was very well played on the shows part. I heard there was some cussing from Becky's inner voice, but well........again....maybe that's how she felt at the time. I have been searching for the You Tube clip of this portion of the show, but it's not up yet. 

So we then ventured upstairs to watch the movie Dolphin Tale. If you are unaware of this movie I request you look it up. Of course, items of the true story were changed to provide a more dramatic effect for Hollywood. However, the true story itself is pretty amazing. "Winter" is a dolphin that was found washed ashore in Florida tangled in rope and a crab trap. She was rescued, but lost her tail. Amazingly Winter learned to swim without her tail, but it caused serious health problems. They had to find a solution for Winter and they found it in a prosthetic tail. Her story is amazing and behind her story is amazing. Watching the credits role at the end of the movie with a line of children with disabilities and Veterans with missing limbs getting in the pool with Winter.........well made me bawl. Not to mention that every time "Winter" would whistle on the TV Jude would squeal with laughter. I was holding Jude and he would actually look at the TV and then belly laugh. It's like he connected with the Dolphins language. I know Jude reacts to high pitched noises.......but why? Obviously it's neurological, but again........why? So maybe someday I can get Jude close to a Dolphin and see how he reacts....he sure loved the movie. He loved it so much that we let him stay up late to finish it. It's the first movie I ever felt like I was truly "watching" WITH Jude.

By the way.......Winter plays herself in the movie. So thanks Winter for giving me a night to remember with Jude!

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