Friday, May 28, 2010

A video, and more

I came home last night, and this is what Emily, and her friend Madison were doing with Jude. He liked Maddie's hair in his face, I guess it tickled. Look at his little feet going crazy, I call them happy legs! Madison was playing with him, while Emily was the videographer.

I just called to check the status of the nurse, but they have not made a decision. I was told they have until June 24th to finalize everything, it seems like ages. I wish they could spend a day in our shoes, and they would decide in our favor. Until that time I may be looking for someone to come to the house to relieve Mike during the week. I tried it once before, but I never followed through. My aunt helps a lot by coming out a day a week, but I think I need to increase the hours Mike has help. I am still praying that they will let Charlotte come back.

So I would love advice on an issue. Jude keeps pulling his legs in strange positions under his body while he sleeps. I have been told this is common for babies with neuro issues. This eventually causes pain, and Jude wakes up crying, and is difficult to put back to sleep. Do compression shorts work, or the special beds I mentioned? Any advice would be great.


Katy said...

I don't know about the legs thing--can you take a picture? I know some parents have like the foam mattress toppers, but I'm not sure that would help with that. Maybe if you got him a body pillow to hug? Or maybe a towel under his knees so he's not tempted to wiggle so much.

Sherry C said...

Cute video - I love Jude smiles. Sorry I don't have any advice for you. I hope you get your nurse back I can't image what is taking them so long to make a decision where the answer is so obvious this little guy needs his nurse.

Gilda said...

Happy legs indeed, hope get some answers soon. Have a great weekend!