Monday, May 17, 2010

Build a bear trip

Emily, and Jude had a wonderful weekend together. At one point I suggested to Emily that she read a book to Jude. She thought that was a grand idea, and laid down on the bed with him. Jude seemed rather fascinated with Emily, and her story.
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On Sunday Emily, Jude, and I went to the mall. Emily had won a gift certificate from Build A Bear. She has been named one of the top 75 finalists for the Huggable Hero award (we find out in June), and they sent her a gift certificate. She decided she wanted to use her certificate to get Jude his very first Build A Bear. When we walked in I inquired which bear we should get him, and then Emily and I both spotted the same animal, and said "the monkey!" Emily walked with jude around the store, and even though he couldn't participate he still helped in his own way. Emily named Jude's bear "up up up", because he knows what that means, and he can say "uh". She also picked up a nice Hans Solo outfit for Jude's little monkey.
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Like I mentioned before Jude had a good weekend overall. Although, last night he had one horrible seizure. They are getting so bad that they are making him cry. The strange thing is that they are no longer scattered spams, like I mentioned there are just a few large hard seizures. So maybe the spasms set him further back, and that is why he is advancing some.

This weekend was a change, because I felt normal in many aspects. Yes Jude is in a wheelchair, yes we get stares, but he seemed like my normal little boy. Em was very good with him too, and that made me very happy.


Our Journey said...

what a sweet sweet girl! yall did a good job on the monkey!! jude looks so handsome and bigger! cant wait to see him again!

Candace said...

Soooo sweet, Jenn! Emily, you keep it up, being a one of a kind big sister! Hope you enjoy your monkey, sweet boy!