Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and we are off

It's as if Jude truly understands that we are leaving to have a weekend solely for his sister. He is eating more, limiting his seizures, and sleeping so well. I am both grateful, and in awe!

We have had so much help to get us to the point of having this weekend away. I would like to thank everyone that participated. From my aunt who took Em's dog, to our neighbor that is watching Mike's darn terrorists, Cristina that has helped Em so much, to the director that made all this happen, and our family that has supported us. My cousin even promised to get Em to her function if Jude got sick.

We will arrive in Round Rock tomorrow about 2pm, and we are having lunch with Anna. I am so excited! We will get to meet Maura on Thursday night or Friday. I am thrilled to have the chance to meet other special needs moms who can relate to our situation, I feel truly blessed. We will then get to see old friends, have dinner out for a change, and just relllllllllax.

Have a good week everyone.


CHASA said...

Jenn, hope you have a wonderful trip! -- Nancy

Our Journey said...

have fun and stay safe! good luck emily, you deserve this!