Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh that temper

Thanks to everyone for Jude's wonderful birthday wishes, it was very touching. His big party is Saturday so I will be posting lots of pictures!! We feel so blessed that we have so many people praying, and supporting our little boy.

Mike has texted me several times today because Jude is being a bit of a handful again. He is still wanting to be held all the time, and will scream if you put him down. In fact it's gotten to the point that if you even move forward from your seat Jude starts to cry. He also cries when we tried to feed him solids, and when administering the NEW medication. We thought we had found a way around his tantrums about the medication because it is no longer liquid, but Jude had figured it out. Again, we are trying to figure out if this is behavioral, sensory, or something else going on. I think we are all waving our white flags though, and ready for the phase to be over. I told Mike that "he reminds me of you". Mike laughed, and said "I know that's what scares me!" I told him it was God tapping him on the shoulder saying, "Remember when?"

I had a wonderful lady email me that works at one of our local high schools as a special education teacher. She has taken it upon herself to contact several local school about holding a drive for Emily's Smile boxes. To our great surprise they have all accepted, and they will be starting to collect items very soon. I am just thrilled with this news. Emily's boxes to put her Christmas supplies in should be in any day. This means I need to figure out when we can have a small box making party. I thought about moving this great task to her school where we would have more room, BUT that means transporting all the supplies. We would then have to transport all the boxes back to our house for storage until we drop them off. Therefore, I decided that our loft will be a great place, and I will hit up a few friends for some long tables because I think this will make the organization a bit easier. I have had an old friend offer to loan us his enclosed trailer for the actual drop offs. We will be traveling to Cooks, Children's, Scottish Rite, Dallas Medical City, and a home for abused children all in one day. Thank you for all the wonderful donations, and helping us reach this Christmas goal. Emily is very excited about putting these boxes together, and making the delivery.

Have a nice night!

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Who would have known all the amazing things you could accomplish in this world if you hadn't been blessed with Jude? You're very inspirational.