Tuesday, September 1, 2009

gaining strength

So Mike took Jude to the doctor, and we were told that they cannot hear anything in his lungs. The doctor seems to think that Jude's choking is because the prevacid is no longer keeping his acid reflux at bay, therefore he is being switched to Prilosec. We are hoping this will help, but I appreciate the advice, and will try suctioning out his throat as well.

The therapist came again yesterday, and again Jude threw a huge hissy fit. The therapist said that she will continue working to try to get Jude to cooperate. We also received a bit of good news from her, because she said she noticed Jude tracking more, and his mid line is gaining strength. So I guess I may be incorrect with assuming Jude has serious visual problems, but we will see. I have noticed he keeps rolling his eyes into his bottom eyelid, but still reacts to our voices. We were told that they may never be able to understand Jude's true visual issues unless he talks. We have noticed that Jude is really trying to keep his head up I just hope that he can eventually accomplish this task. The therapist also mentioned how much healthier Jude looks since overcoming his pneumonia.

My family is flying in tomorrow, and I am ready to spend some time with them. I am keeping the update short today because I am crazy busy at work. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Colleen said...

That's great that he's tracking more and gaining strength in keeping his head up. Way to go!

The saucer is great. since we also have low tone here we usually put a small pillow under the arms or rolled up blankies for support.

Midwest Mommy said...

Have a great time with your family!

Katy said...

Charlie looked in one direction for six months. Then he did a weird, fluttery, eye looking down thing. Now, his eyes are often focused but i will sometimes see he "lose them" and they'll roll over to the right and flutter a bit. Seems to be largely related to how strong and healthy he's feeing. I think that vision can just be a lot of work and that's why. Jude may be the same way--as his strength improves, so does his vision.