Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mike's Back and The Family

I feel like the family that people look at and say, "really???" Actually I know we are the family that people look at and say, "really???" On 5/3/2017 Mike was rear ended......yes after the softball size hail ruined my car he got hit on the highway. I was eternally grateful the accident wasn't worse than it was. I am not sure I could handle another loss. A lady had stopped on the highway to help her friend that had broken down.  Her vehicle was not easily seen because Mike had to come over a hill first. Once he came over the hill he slammed on his brakes and missed her.  However the next person that came over the hill plowed into the back of Mike. Mike nicely scolded the lady for parking on the highway and instructed everyone to move to the shoulder. Just then a semi came over the hill, blaring his horn, and luckily swerving into the other lane. They were all very very lucky. Anyway, Mike was injured but we thought it was mostly soft tissue injuries. Well he had been complaining about how his back was hurting when he was driving and when he was sitting on the couch. On Sunday Mike stood up from bed and just collapsed and I do mean collapsed. I had to use a belt and a chair as a hoist to get him back into bed. He has been in excruciating pain. We took him to a friend who is a chiropractor who also does acupuncture and he got Mike to where he could at least walk with the assistance of a walker. Prior to this Mike's pain was so horrible that he couldn't even walk to the bathroom, it was terrible! The pain did not let up so last night I took him to the ER. Mike has a degenerative disk disease, bulging disks, and other issues regarding his lower lumbar. We knew Mike had a few issues but nothing this bad and the thought process is either the accident caused new problems or made a flare up of an existing condition. A horrible terrible flare up!  Either way he is a mess. So he has a host of medications that do seem to be helping today, PRAISE THE LORD. Our hope is he will be back to work tomorrow and then he can start some sort of therapy for his back. The ER doctor mentioned a back surgeon but the nurse seemed to think therapy would help. After my experience with Jude I tend to lean towards nurses opinions first. 

So when I walked through the door today my co-workers could tell I was once again tired. I am so very tired I have been tired for years now. Anyway, I told them the update and sweet Paula said, "It does get better. I promise it does." I told her I keep waiting on that moment but she is right it does get better. Mike is with us and that's what matters. The expenses piling up from the accident will in time be taken care of and we will keep moving forward. Emily also has strep so a little prayer for her too would be great. 

In 2 1/2 weeks we leave to watch Emily compete as Texas Teen for Teen International. I am looking forward to the time away. I may sleep until noon each day in the hotel :). 

Yesterday I went to see Jude and I was overwhelmed by all the "decorations" left at his site. So many rocks have been left to symbolize a visit and a prayer. On top of that there were flowers, superman items, and more. I saw and talked to him for a bit and let him know that I don't really like being here without him but keep on going. Thank you to everyone that visits him. 

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