Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Sadness In The World

Yesterday friends on Facebook were posting pictures of the devastation from the tragedy in Syria. I looked as little boys bodies lay strewn around with looks of shock still displayed on their faces and Jude just flashed in my mind. It broke my heart. I thought to myself how horribly cruel this world can be sometimes. I choose not to look at the photo's any further but that doesn't mean the devastation isn't there. Regardless of whatever political affiliation you lean towards everyone can admit people losing their lives by chemical warfare is terrible. I question what we can truly do to make the world a better place and to stop all the cruelty. I wonder if world peace will ever be a possibility. 

The other night I was taking my evening walk and I took in the serenity lacing the air in the warm spring breeze. For a fleeting moment I was overcome with excitement regarding the moment my life would be over. That sounds like a terrible thought but it was actually a very peaceful one. For the first time I realized I truly would get to see Jude again and if I make it through my life as a good and decent person that would really come to pass. I felt relief and hope and realized I no longer questioned an afterlife. 

I sometimes wonder why the world has to have so much loss, grief, and sadness. We all have our own religious thoughts or scientific based evidence but that still doesn't answer or fulfill my curiosity. I figure that the only thing I can do is try to find the beauty hidden in each day that I am here on Earth. I guess if we spread beauty and positivity then that in itself is a way to make a difference. 

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