Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Target and the Election

I went to Target today to pick up some items Emily needed for her pageant in three weeks and some snacks she requested. As I walked through the aisles everything was beaming with Christmas tidings. My heart broke again and as I stood in the aisle tears began streaming down my face. Oh the holidays are not easy. If it were up to me I would skip Christmas this year but as mentioned before Emily loves this time of year. We have promised to light our house and put up decorations that she will enjoy. Someday's I look at pictures of Jude and it doesn't seem real that he is gone but then the memory of his last breath crawls back into my mind. I plan on lighting a candle for Jude this Christmas and leave it burning throughout the day. Won't you join me? 

So the election was last night and we have a new president elect. I will be honest in admitting I lived through one Clinton presidency and I did not want to live through another. However I do firmly believe the Democratic party would have won last night if they had chose Bernie Sanders as their candidate. I am rather astonished at social media today and the cruel vile words spewing from peoples mouths from behind their computers. We all have opinions on the election but we should strive to treat each other with respect and dignity. Despite the outcome I would have respected our new president elect and I would respect all those around me. Our children are watching us and are learning how to react as adults. Stop and ask yourself if your behavior is one that you would want your child to mimic? 

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Anonymous said...

But what do you think about the president elect's behavior throughout the campaign. Making fun of disabled people, for example?

Jennifer Ortiz said...

Barb - He is a show pony and the behavior was ridiculous. However I would encourage people to research the media's role regarding the disabled story. It's unfortunate that with the electoral college electing a third party is pretty much impossible. I would have much rather seen Johnson taken office. My point was is that regardless of the outcome people shouldn't be judgmental of others choices and be kind to one another.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean, but I don't think it's doable any time soon.

It's impossible to respect a person that belittles women, hates minorities, disabled, .... who committed insurance fraud, doesn't pay taxes, bankrupted numerous companies, doesn't donate money, lies, threatens his political opponents with jail, etc. etc.

It's also completely incomprehensible to understand how somebody could have voted for such person and to give him on of the most important and influential jobs on this planet.

Jennifer Ortiz said...

If people really find the need to express their political shame on a blog about the loss of a child then you really need to move on to another blog. My point was that we all need to be kind to each other. Please go find a CNN or other politically formatted blog to post on. Thanks