Monday, November 14, 2016

Rather over it all!

I am over the election. I am over people being mean and being nasty. Why do American's insist on being cruel to each other? It's just not necessary. Responding to a negative situation with a negative response only breeds more cruelty and less understanding of anyone's situation. The only thing I believe we can do is come together as one despite religion, race, or sexual preference. We must stamp out darkness with love and spread a more positive message. It is possible for people can stand up for what they believe in without being cruel. It's possible to make posts or speak to others with respect and generally if respect is given it is returned. I truly understand people are fearful and that makes me very sad, but I will pray and be hopeful that no ones rights are infringed upon in anyway. We cannot predict the future but we can pray for it. I have a multitude of friends that I would stand behind if anyone tried to infringe upon their rights but until that point we are only guessing. However just know I will stand with you. 

I am tired of people posting and telling others they are grieving and mourning over the election, it makes me very upset. I read it again TODAY for probably the 15th time that someone was in mourning (and they were not joking). I read another post that, they weren't going to let it ruin their life. Without anything transpiring yet could it have truly RUINED your entire life?? I mean really? You personally, not someone who has been attacked but YOU. I am over it. I will tell you what ruins your life, having a precious baby suffer a massive stroke. Hooking up feeding tubes, not getting sleep, and constantly battling with insurance for 7 years. Then watching your seven year old child take their last breath and their body begins to change colors and turn ice cold..............that RUINS your life. An election result that you don't agree with is called a disappointment that you are upset over and something that can be worked through.  I guess because I have been through such a tragedy I can look at a situation and say while I am upset I can still get through this with dignity and grace. Most of my friends are choosing this reaction which makes me proud. 

I have deleted and blocked some people on social media and I may just take a break until this all calms down. I scroll past most posts but the grieving and mourning posts just wash over me with anger. I completely understand people are upset and have a right to be! I am very upset we were not given a better choice of candidates but I also realize there is absolutely nothing I can do about that physically. However I can get down on my knees and pray.  I pray that our nation comes together and loves one another. I pray our new leader will be instilled with the knowledge, power, patience, and understanding it will take to make a positive impact during his presidency. That's what I feel I can do. I can join hands with all my brothers and sisters and pray for a positive outcome. I admire Hillary for wearing purple during her speech, a blend of blue and red thus encouraging everyone to unite and make a difference. 

In the end the reality is people's posts and perceptions are nothing to truly get upset over but sometimes life becomes heavy and venting helps. Explaining to others that mourning is actually a much more complicated avenue to maneuver. True mourning is nothing anyone wants to be a part of and once you are a part of it (which you will be) the definition takes on a much deeper meaning.  I hope maybe this blog will inspire someone to be more positive today and be kind. 

On a more positive note Jude's bench will be placed on Friday. I plan to go at lunch and provide everyone with a picture of their amazing contribution. I cannot wait to sit on it and tell him I love him and miss him. 

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