Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hard Jude Days

When I have difficult days I name them "hard Jude day." I am not sure what triggered it but today isn't a good day. Lots of tears behind my computer and in my car today. It's random how the bad days strike out of nowhere. I even screamed out loud in my car at one point today because I was so angry Jude is gone and had such a rough life. I just take these days as they come and work through them. I know tomorrow should be better. 

Emily is super busy these days. She is taking SAT tutoring 3 times a week for two hours, her schoolwork, and so much more. She barely has any time and I miss seeing her but I admire her dedication. She's a good kid!

I started a new venture and I am really enjoying it. A friend was selling a new product line called Perfectly Posh. I love love bath and body items so I signed up. If you ever want to stop by my site please feel free to. They make great Christmas gifts and you can sign up referrals to get perk points for free goodies. If you sign up they give you 500 perks for your birthday! Just click on referrals.

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