Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Fire and Notes

We are still taking each day a step at a time. I sure miss coming home each day to a busy house full of nurses and family. I miss saying, "Ju Ju Bean!!!" and seeing his sweet smile but I know he is with us. 

Sometimes it's hard to breathe but other minutes you just smile at his memory. 

The other night I received a call at 11:54pm from the fire department by my work. My mind is still overwhelmed by losing Jude so I had to get myself together. I realized they were telling me there was a fire at our location and they couldn't reach the primary owner. Mike and Emily helped me pull myself together and we rushed to the scene. When I pulled in the parking lot there were loads of fire trucks and ambulances from multiple cities. At first I thought about crying at the possible loss of something else but I knew no matter what we would be okay. Soon I learned it was a lightning strike that hit the business next to us and they suffered a devastating loss. We have major smoke damage but it's easily repairable but it will just take time. So right now we are trying to work remotely and are traveling back and forth between the office and home. We are a bit limited but we are making it work. It's always an adventure over here. 

Emily is doing well and I heard from Jude's nurses when we all have time to communicate. I know they are aware we miss them. I drive by Jude's little spot in the cemetery each day and I know we made the perfect decision. I am able to tell him good morning and good night. 

Over the past several days I have received letters that were sent to the funeral home and to the church from my readers. I am so touched people took the time to reach out! People near and far! I am so thankful Jude was able to touch so many lives in such a positive way. I hope he continues to do so. So thank you for taking the time you took to send a note. It meant a lot. 

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