Friday, March 18, 2016

The Feeding Tube

As a follow up to my blog on Wednesday we did take Jude into the hospital. Well myself and the paramedics took Jude the fill in nurse was suppose to follow us to the hospital but she never showed up. I would have been fine if she explained she was going to go home but I was rather irritated she just left me wondering where she was at the hospital.  The medical staff did a sonogram and said they no longer saw the intussusception. This was great news but right after they did the sonogram Jude started crying and he never really stopped. He fell asleep for a bit in the ambulance on the ride home but that didn't last long. I had noted that Jude had not urinated all day. So finally we called Hospice and as usual they arrived promptly and they placed a catheter in Jude. This seemed to be the source of the problem and thankfully Jude stopped crying. 

Jude did vomit a couple of times yesterday and we noted his brand new feeding tube is now a bit harder to flush. This makes me believe they have missed something and we will probably have to go back to the hospital again. My guess is they will eventually take this tube out like I stated before and we will go back with the G button. I tried to see the bright side last night and pointed out that if Jude does go back to a G button we have a night nurse to help with vomit at night. We used to not have a nurse and Jude would aspirate prior to us getting to him. I also pointed out that we can change the G button at home vs. the G/J which is surgical. 

Jude was also started on a broad spectrum antibiotic to help the pain of the pneumonia. He is pretty sleep today but otherwise he is doing pretty well. It's been a stressful week and we are all running a bit low on patience and cheerfulness so bear with us. 

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