Monday, March 14, 2016

A Restless Night and Jude's Issue

Story of his life, Jude is sick but smiley. Yesterday he started vomiting and really never stopped until we gave him Zofran. The medication would last about four hours and Jude would start all over again. He is also vomiting what looks like infection and he is running a fever. He is pale but again he is still smiling. So I am looking at this like it is probably the start of aspiration pneumonia again. However I think this started as a feeding tube issue. I believe his feeding tube has come out of his intestine and wrapped into his tummy. This is causing Jude to vomit and bringing up what's in his lungs too.

We are taking about 50 ml of residual out of the G (tube feeders will understand). Jude's diapers have greatly decreased and his urine is dark too. It was a very long night last night and I just couldn't sleep. just did fairly well but his oxygen kept dipping and he had a horrible retching cough. So I made several phone calls this morning and the plan is to get Jude in at 10 am tomorrow to change his tube. We will then wait and see how he does to determine if he needs antibiotics for possible aspiration pneumonia. They wanted Jude to go through the ER but I explained he is on hospice and our job is to keep him comfortable. Admitting him would not make him comfortable. So they helped us and we are getting transportation set up to get him to the appointment in the morning.

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