Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jude's Problem

So here is where we stand. We were hoping the change in tube yesterday would resolve the issue but unfortunately it didn't. At around 9pm last night while changing Jude he vomited violently and I have no doubt aspirated right into his lungs. About thirty minutes later he started looking pale, his smile went away, and he started running a low grade temp. He continued to vomit some and he did so with the night nurse too. 

So this morning I put a call into Hospice who is going by to see him today. I then put a call into the GI to see what their thoughts are. Basically they believe the intussuception is still there and probably has significant swelling. They want to bring Jude back in to do a sonogram of the intestines. If they see swelling then they will be taking the G/J tube (goes into the intestine and tummy) out and putting a G button (goes only into tummy) back in. If you remember the reason we put a G/J in is because Jude kept vomiting with the G button and would wind up with aspiration pneumonia. Basically they explained this is not the best situation for Jude but they don't want him lying in bed uncomfortable, vomiting, and letting his intestine die. 

So I am waiting on the hospital to call back to set an appointment to do a sonogram. We will have to set transport up to take us back out there. So I will update everyone. Also Jude's chest X Ray came back yesterday with no definitive answer which is what I suspected. However they did say there has been an increase in lung loss and that he either has an edema or aspiration pneumonia again. However the X Rays are so overcome with disease that it's hard to tell. 

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Prayers for your family.