Friday, January 8, 2016


Sometimes you hit a wall and sometimes it's a really big wall. My poor husband has rammed into that wall head first today. At 3:45am his mother got confused and his dad found her outside in a neighbors yard. She is currently in the hospital having multiple tests run. Mike said he feels like if it's not Jude then it's his father and if it's not his father it's now his mother. A part of me really wishes we had been able to find a home with a guest cottage so his parents could be close to us. On top of this Jude is having some really strong seizures. They are lasting about 40 seconds and Jude turns blue due to lack of oxygen. This is new. Jude always had cluster seizures before that would allow him to take in oxygen. I have put several calls into the neurologist but to date I don't have an answer. 

Oh and the dryer is still broken. At this point I just want to go buy a new one. The company says they will be back out on Monday with the proper part but we will see. If you come to my house just be prepared because there is laundry everywhere, lol. 

The good news is it's Friday. 

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