Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jude's health

Jude has taken a decline in the last few days. His coughing is excessive and his oxygen levels are dipping pretty frequently. He is also pale and rather lethargic. Hospice decided to put him on a Z pack to see if it will help alleviate the persistent cough.  The coughing fits have gotten so bad that he cries out in pain and we want that to stop. His color wasn't good last night and he was so weak he couldn't make a smile although he tried. 

Today nurse Charlotte said he is sleeping and on 6 liters of oxygen his stats are running between 95-98. So that's a decent rate. 

We will see what tonight holds. 

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Anonymous said...

I check in daily to see how you all are. Hoping Jude is soon feeling more comfortable. x