Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A little update on Jude

Jude is continuing to have oxygen issues and we have seen a pretty large increase in seizure activity. However even when Jude isn't feeling that well which is evident in the first photo he still manages a smile. 

Hospice is coming out to see him tomorrow for a check up and to let us know their thoughts. Our night nurse did notice diminished breath sounds in the right lung. That's not good because his left lung already gives him issues but like I mentioned Jude is still smiling at us so that's positive. 

He has been a good boy lately. I cut his hair over the weekend and he really enjoyed it along with the shower that followed. Then I gave him a quick break from his oxygen mask and set him up on the bed with our German Shepherd Leibe. She licked Jude's cheek and nudged his hand which he thought was hilarious. It was a very sweet and touching interaction. Leibe was very gentle and kind to Jude and seemed to understand his condition is fragile. I miss other animals that have been in our lives but Leibe is by far the best animal for Jude. We love her dearly.

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