Monday, March 16, 2015

Jude's update

It's extremely busy at work today so this will be a quick update.

Jude was very smiley this weekend and I really enjoyed spending time with him. However, his oxygen levels were a battle this weekend especially at night. When he does sleep he has more sleep apnea which also presents it's own set of problems. Throughout each night we would hear Jude's oxygen alarms going off fairly consistently. On Saturday I guess I was just exhausted and the nurse knocked on the door at 1am and Mike got up with her vs me. She explained Jude's non re-breather mask had stopped working.......not good.  Hospice brought out two more masks on Sunday. 

Today Allen says Jude is doing well. Hospice is going to go by and check on him to see if they hear anything new in his lungs that could be causing these issues. Both night nurses voiced that they have seen a marked change in Jude since last week. 

While writing this Hospice called and said they did hear some noise in his bottom lobes, but that he was pretty noisy in the upper airway. So sometimes it's hard to distinguish which is which. She said he was a very happy boy. So she is going to try to come back tonight during what we call "the witching hour" and see how Jude is doing. 

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