Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jude's Sunday

Jude still had intermittent fever and I'm not sure why. I have two guesses.... Bacterial walking pneumonia (again ) or he is cutting his back molars. I noticed they are coming in but Judes teeth never seemed to bother him before.  Some hours he is great and some hours he struggles. He is very pale with circles under his eyes but he fell asleep tonight in my arms and slept very well. 

Mikes mom is here to tonight bless her heart. She is very elderly and has pretty much given her entire life to servicing her children and making others happy. Tonight while I was holding Jude she just sat by him rubbing his foot and  bawled. Finally I grabbed her arm gently and said "Susie why are you crying? He is happy now and resting calmly". She said "I don't know I just love him". I said "me too but when you cry I get stressed and I bet that means you are stressed too. Let's look at this positive that God has given us extra time with Jude. He has granted us time to see how amazing Jude is and to love on him as much as we can without being sad". She just smiled and said "you are right and I thank God for that". Then I made up her little bed so she could stay the night and assured her if she hears Judes alarms overnight that we and the nurse would have it under control and not to worry. She said she would be sure to not get stressed but I know she will because she is basically a saint. 

Amazing people come into our lives for a reason!

Forgive misspells! Blogging on my
Phone is a challenge! 

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