Sunday, March 8, 2015

In response to a comment on my blog

I need people to understand my blog has a special purpose. If you don't then I prefer you don't read my blog anymore because you don't get it. I am well aware I can vent offline. However I can vent anywhere I want to while going through this and I don't need or want negative opinions. To the person who made the "sympathy" comment,  I understand what you were saying but the comment was unnecessary. Sometimes when stating an opinion we need to stop before voicing it and ask how it will make the other person feel we are voicing it to. My family is much better today but until you have been through what we have I ask people to reserve their negative opinions . This goes for anyone else that wants to comment about where I post or why I post. If you don't like this or think it's to frank I don't care. I realize this blog is public but it's here to help people going through something similar now and in the future. I committed to be honest with every single post and every single feeling. It's important for my readers to know feelings like mine are normal and are okay. Daily I receve emails from parents that have found my blog that just say "Thank you for being real. Thank your voicing what I want to".  They don't need to read anything but positive uplifting caring posts in return. They don't need lies but they do need the truth. I will stick by my reasoning that parents of sick children do not need or want sympathy we  just want understanding.

Ps. For those confused I did not authorize the comment in question I just responded to it. My amazing husband even had the same response "the comment wasn't necessary".

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x o x o u i said...

Pardon me in advance for being crude, but...

There is an outstanding quote by Abraham Lincoln that goes something like this: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

In other words, Dear Commenter, learn when to Shut The [****] Up. ;-)

As if it weren't already glaringly obvious: Jenn's blog is a personal space. It's not harming anyone. And her lifestyle isn't hurting your lifestyle.

Further, isn't it funny how people get brave behind their computer screen? Question: Would you say your comments to Jenn's face? I didn't think so.