Saturday, November 22, 2014

About Last Night

Jude did sleep last night! It was amazing...........until a large storm cell hit our area and it woke up our panicked dog. The poor dog was in our bed shaking, trembling, and crying for HOURS! I finally took my blanket bid my husband farewell and went to the living room to sleep on the couch next to Jude's futon. Jude woke up a few times but since I was so close to him I was able to quickly reposition him and he went back to sleep. I actually slept very well on the couch even though I was up several times with Jude. I think it's because I was so close to him versus running to his room when I heard him whimper in pain. So overall we all got more sleep than normal.

Jude napped from 6-7 tonight so I am hoping he sleeps overnight. I have to say that we are SO lucky to have an amazing sleep safe bed for Jude, a great futon, and two great nurses. We may not sleep all the time but we have great resources and people helping us.

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