Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jude's pain

Jude has not been himself for about a week. Last night he started really complaining and seemed to be very uncomfortable. We eventually gave him Valium and that seemed to help some. I was a little late to work today because I had little sleep last night. We had already taken Jude to the doctor and his lungs, ears, sinuses, etc all checked out so now we were going down our other list. Since Jude had appointment planned with the doctor that adminsters his Botox today we decided to ask that doctor what he thought. It very well could be Jude's legs and tone giving him issues again. So we are back to wondering what we do about his legs. We can do the surgery, but it's something I would rather avoid. It's just invasive and I think it invites issues in. We can try Botox again but it only lasts for three months and eventually insurance will probably give us a hard time due to cost. The new opton is to put in a device that delivers medication directly into Jude's spine thus helping with his bottom torso.

I don't like this option either. Again it's surgery and as you can tell that's a very large device. It's bulky and it's a hard surgery the doctor said. The doctor also said that by looking at the X rays he belives the ball in Jude's hip socket didn't develop. He is guessing since he isn't a hip doctor, but due to the fact Jude never put weight on his legs it caused problems from the start.

So could it be Jude's legs causing him issues again? Probably. However, tonight he is thankfully very happy. So let's hope he sleeps.

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marie said...

Hi Jen!
I have a son very much like your Jude, he has great problems with his spasticity mainly (and also EP), we have for over four years been using a product developed here in Sweden by two chiropractors. It is called Inerventions if you google it you will find info in english as well. We do not want our son to have surgery and this is a wonderful way to help him relax! I know a boy who last year removed his pump as the use of the Inerventions method helped him so much the pump became a problem! Best regards