Thursday, March 6, 2014

A little update.

My house is still very dusty and grimy, but Jude officially has a shower! We are still lacking the glass and some other items, but I gave him a shower in there on Sunday. He LOVED it! He smiled and giggled.

Overall Jude has been very happy lately

However he was pretty congested yesterday. I finally gave him some Motrin last night and it seemed to settle him down some. I am sure the dust is giving him some issues. Hopefully he isn't catching anything. The nurse said he seems to be better today.

So we have some new neighbors and said neighbors have a dog. The dog likes to bark at 2 and 5........along with Jude getting up I am very frazzled. Mike is having to get up at 6 now and Jude woke up when he heard Mike this morning. I just laid there and after Mike left I could hear Jude going "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".................."Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Very cute, but mom was tired! "Jude go back to sleep please!".

Jude got a new therapy mat from his aunt and grandmother. He is very excited about it as are we. I am still waiting on Jude's MRI results. I hope to have them soon.

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