Monday, August 26, 2013

The kitten, Jude, missing a friend, and an event

So last week my new kitten Paislee started acting sick. She normally comes bouncing like a kangaroo cat to the front door whenever I get home. However, on Thursday I noticed there was the dog running to greet me.......but not little "Pay Pay". My little zoo had decreased by one so I went hunting for her. I finally found her hidden under the futon. Her breathing was super fast and she felt very warm so I was concerned. Mike accused me of having Munchhausen syndrome and told me I was nuts. So I let the kitten be for awhile, but I was still concerned.

On Friday Mike called and said the kitten wouldn't eat the soft food we had purchased for her and she was indeed sick.....uh huh. So I rushed home and drove Paislee to the doctor to see what they said. Luckily I met an amazing vet who was wonderful with her. He gave her some fluids and sent us home with an antibiotic. He thought Paislee basically had the feline equivalent of RSV. So she FINALLY started coming around last night. I got her to eat several times and drink lots of water. While she was sick Spot kept hopping on the couch just to sniff her and make sure she was okay. Oh and the vet said to tell my husband to also listen to mom because mom just knows when her kids and furry kids don't feel well. Emily agreed.

Poor sick kitty!

While Paislee was sick she would hide under Jude's futon. When trying to fish her out to take her to the vet I pulled something in my back. I feel old just muttering that sentence, but it's true. It was so bad that when I turned in bed I would yell in my sleep and wake Mike up. So then on Saturday while shopping with friends I started having this pinching/stabbing pain right above my heart. I didn't panic because I knew it was localized to one area and I had no other symptoms. However each time you get piercing pain in your chest you get a little oogley feeling. So today I went to the dr just to get checked out. She said I had swelling of the cartridge by the sternum and it's very painful. She said most men ask for a pain shot. Yeah well they also don't give birth, I am fine just old it seems. No more lifting futons to look for sick kitties!

Jude goes to the doctor on Wednesday. He will be getting a blood draw to check the levels of his seizure medications and going to the ortho regarding his legs. I am taking the day off so I can get him to the appointments. That evening we also have a function at the chili's in Roanoke.

Emily and I will be going early since she has cheer that day. Our friends are hosting this event and they came up with the shirts that all the kids are wearing. This is the back of them.

Only a select few know what this is regarding so just bear with me. I have no idea why this feeling has crept back up but I am having a hard time with the fact I have lost a close friend. I keep dreaming of songs that remind me of her and situations we have been in. She was like my sister and it's just so sad to me. I don't understand throwing away a relationship over something that could be remedied.....I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around it. I am trying! Mike says that I cannot make sense of something senseless. Maybe he is right. I just don't know. Still I want to text when I see something funny, IM when I hear a song, or email when I get good news........and it's just ODD! I guess we have all been there at some point in our lives. It's not easy though. I still love this person I probably always will.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week. I will update what the doctor says regarding Jude. I will also be posting pictures of Jude's 5th birthday. I can't believe he will be 5!!!

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