Friday, August 16, 2013

Jude, Emily, and marketing

Last night we kept Jude up until 10pm. I had to take Emily to cheer again so he watched TV with his dad. Once I got home I got him ready for bed and he didn't put up any fight. He also slept pretty well except for one large startle seizure. So maybe the trick is keeping him up a bit later than normal so we can get sleep. However, he still wants me to hold him when I get home, but I really enjoy that. He is getting so big that he is over half my size but I will hold him as long as I can. He just smiles when I cuddle with him and it's very cute.

Emily is doing very well. She joined a competitive cheer team to fast train her to try out for high school cheerleader. She knows I am not a big fan of cheer, but it's something that she really wants to try. So therefore, her dad and I decided that we would let her. So far she loves it!! She is also starting back to school and is going to be a freshman..........where has the time gone? In addition to school she is beginning training for Miss Texas Teen in November. She had some photo's taken this past weekend for her headshots and I am trying to patiently wait on the proofs. I am so bad at waiting! So I am hoping Emily has a great first year at school.

So anyone that knows me knows I am multi marketing Jenn. I am an insurance agent, I run Emily's charity, I sold Scentsy (about to sign back up), and now I am on the Plexus band wagon. I am NOT one of those individuals that believes that you can just take a magic pill and all your weight just comes off. However I do believe you can have a great product that can boost start your weight loss. Then just control your eating habits and get to walking some or some sort of exercise. Anyway, a friend of mine has lost 85 pounds in the just a few months on Plexus! I have watched her transformation and I am amazed! She drank 1 Plexus Slim and took 1 accelerator a day. I was worried about the accelerator because of my heart condition, but I haven't had any side effects. So if you are interested in joining me on this journey here is my website:
 We can lose weight and feel great together :)

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