Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An update on Emily and on Jude

Emily and her friends have been very strong working through the death of their friend. There have been lots of hard questions to answer, but that's normal. I was very impressed with how mature the kids have been during this entire ordeal. I explained to Emily that the death of someone so young can really affect people whether they knew Aubrey well or not. It brings into question your own mortality and that of others you love. It seems the kids have all kept that in mind and everyone has been kind to each other this last week. Emily was having a pretty hard time processing her loss, but she seems to be much better! It's truly made her appreciate her friends and family. Emily asked me to post on her Smile Box site to please do something kind in Aubrey's name to pay it forward. This spilled over to my pageant site and the response has been awesome! Aubrey's family is facing some severe financial ramifications of the accident and if you would like to help then I encourage you to make a donation. You can also see how beautiful Aubrey was. Here is the link:

Jude is still getting up a few times a night lately and mommy is a bit cranky! Monday he had a difficult day at home with Charlotte because he was so rigid and cranky. She gave him some Valium and he was able to get some sleep during the day and rest. However, yesterday she said he did MUCH better and his grandma Susie came over to keep him company. She likes to lay on the Futon with Jude to tell him stories and sing to him. Jude really enjoys her being over. Next weekend Jude will be turning 5 years old and I cannot believe it! I think back to the time when the doctor announced Jude's diagnosis to us and told us that children like him normally don't make it past five. The doctor wasn't being cruel he was just stating the medical facts. However, Jude is very well taken care of and he is a little fighter! We almost lost Jude during his battle with C-DIFF. The day we were leaving the hospital the doctor told us he didn't think we wouldn't be taking Jude home and how lucky we were. We are lucky still! Jude is a bright light and a great soul. He inspires everyone that meets him! Over the past five years we have learned what Jude likes and what he doesn't. He mostly just loves being at home, people talking to him, his futon, being held, and the dog licking his hand. He doesn't like loud noises, crowded places, being cold, or being confined. Jude can speak to you if you listen closely enough. He has a lot going on behind those big brown eyes!

So my baby is turning five and my other baby is going to High School. I am grateful they are both with me!

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