Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jude is home and with an update

Jude is home from the hospital. He actually came home Monday afternoon I just haven't had much time to update my blog. He had pneumonia in the mid left lobe.

He was very happy to be home and gave us lots of smiles on Monday afternoon. However, yesterday Charlotte noted that Jude needed to be held and was grumpy. When I got home he was the same way. Jude was not happy unless someone was holding him and even then he complained a lot. Granted he is still ill and pneumonia takes awhile to conquer, but of course it concerned me. He also felt like he was heating up again to me, but luckily his temp stayed normal. He was still sleeping when I left today and Charlotte noted his temp was still down. She is also using the NT tubes for suction to try to keep his airways clear.

I got up about five times last night checking on Jude. I was worried about him. I am still worried about him. I guess that's normal.

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Kim C. said...

So glad he's home, and feeling better!!