Monday, November 19, 2012

A sick Jude and a let down

So if you have kept up with our facebook you know I had one terrible stomach virus that started early last Sunday 11/11 morning. It lasted until was awful!! On Sunday night (11/11) Jude also started running a fever and acting lethargic. On Thursday we took him into the clinic to have him checked out. They ran a blood test and checked him over. The doctor determined that he was probably fighting my virus, but he was doing a better job than I was. They then informed us to bring Jude back in 48 hours if he wasn't any better. He also informed us Jude seemed a bit anemic according to his blood results and to check with his primary doctor.

This past Saturday 11/17 Jude began throwing up at night around the clock. I thought it was my stomach virus for sure, but we realized Jude was having issues actually going to the bathroom. This causes Jude to retch and throw up. So he spiked a fever again and again we were baffled. Then yesterday he finally seemed to be feeling a bit better and I was relieved. So at lunch with Mike I texted Charlotte to see how Jude was doing only to get a suprising response. Jude's fever was back at 102.1 and he was lethargic again. His other stats didn't sound much better. So I put a call into the primary doctor who informed me that Jude needed to go to Cooks downtown and to be prepared he might be admitted. She also said that his blood results showed both his clotting factors were down. I asked if this could be a concern due to the fact he suffered a bleeding stroke in utero. She said that to her it's concerning and would like to run a few tests.

So I realized in a very teary way that Jude and Mike would not be able to go to Houston for Emily's competition. I know that's not what is important here, but it is important to me and it makes me very sad. So I called and told Emily what was going on and I heard the dissapointment (once again) in her voice. I then saw little updates from her bounce up on facebook from her Smile Box page to her brothers fan page she has. I know she is let down and I am let down. I wanted them with us at this important event and I sure don't want to be there alone. So I put some calls out to see if I can find a friend to go with me. Em will be spending all her time with the group and I will be looking for stuff to do.

On top of this I am also very concerned about Jude. I am emotional and stressed. I want him to be okay and this may just be a simple virus, but I have been noticing something. I have noticed how Jude's body is just not what it used to be. He seems to be having a harder time sleeping, coughing.......regulating. Maybe it's just a mom thing that I sense it..........but I do...I feel it. It's not a matter of not being positive because I am and I love him very much I can just see there is something going on with him.

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