Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A sleepless night, a sick Jude, and a possible trip

Wow what a night! Jude slept until 1:23am when he started tossing and turning again. About every half hour I had to reposition him. Then at 4am he was wide awake....grunting...moaning....and miserable. However, every time I would walk in there he would give me this side smile. So I would say, "stinker go to sleep" and he would giggle in his raspy sick voice. About 4:30 I gave him some Motrin and for 45 minutes he laid in bed doing the following...

Jude" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Me: " No Jude do to sleep"
Jude: "Maaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu"
Me: "No mama Jude go to sleep"
Jude: "Maaamba"

Well then I had to get up because he said my name....kinda. So I went and tucked him in again and finally about 5:15 he went to sleep. Then at 5:30 Mike's alarm went off and at 5:45 Jude's feeding alarm went off.

To say the least I am worn the heck out today. Working and no sleep does not mesh well. However I feel much worse for Jude. Poor little guy just doesn't feel well. We are giving him one more day and if he doesn't improve it's back to the doctor we go.

I am looking into a vacation for Mike and myself in October. Last February we got away for a bit and this year we are celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary. After what our family has gone through we would like to renew our vows. I called the nursing agency about hiring a night nurse while we are away to stay with family members and friends that will rotate at our house. They were very nice and said they would gladly work with us. So our respite will go to good use that month.

I also just got word of the Branson tornado. Since my family is in Springfield which is between Joplin and Branson I have advised them to move! Many prayers for those people affected.

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