Thursday, February 2, 2012



It does not mean to be in a place

where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work

it means to be in the midst of things

and still be calm in your heart.... (unknown)

That saying is really how I feel lately. My work has been crazy, but my personal life is so much more grounded. Jude is well, but if he isn't my family knows what to do. We no longer search for cures or additional issues. Emily is healthy and has really found herself lately.  She is confident on who she is as a person and takes up for what she believes in. Mike is still working with his job in regards to being full time and admitted he wants another child. Who knows if it will ever happen........most likely not, but at least he admitted it to himself. I am doing okay. I have my issues, but I work through them and we march on. I even find myself..........not needing the blog as much as I used to, but loving it all the same.

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