Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The cream of chicken soup fiasco.

Jude is doing SO well. He is still not sleeping very well, but otherwise he is great. He is making more and more sounds. He copies my mouth movements when I sing to him and he is making much better eye contact. I think school, his nurses, his increased therapy, and his loving family has helped him. I don't push Jude to further himself I just decided to accept him the way he is and let him guide me. Jude let's us know in his own ways how far he can go. I am excited to see where he takes us next.

I did have to share a funny story tonight. My husband is amazing, but you women will get a kick out of this. After work I had to go by the bank and then I had to go to the grocery store. Once I got home I unpacked the groceries, made dinner, fed the family, and then went to make a casserole for Emily's school tomorrow. I went to the pantry to grab my can of cream of chicken soup only to find it was missing. Little Miss Em had decided to make herself an after school snack. I growled at her for eating my ingredients while praising her for being resourceful. I am sure she was confused. So I then turned to my husband who proclaimed it was "crap" (jokingly) that he had to go to the store. So he gathered up his items and bolted out the door. Emily's friend Casen was over so we all sat down to watch TV for a few minutes before I got Jude ready for bed. Suddenly my phone rang.

Me: Casen...will you hand me my phone because I am sure it's my husband because he cannot go to the store without calling me.
Em: (got to the phone before Casen) Yes Mikey? Ok hold on
Me: Hello?
Mike: I lost my list
Me: (silence)
Mike: Hello?
Me: There were two things on it?
Mike: I know but I lost it
Me: Cream of chicken soup.....and a foil pan for my casserole...get one that would be shaped for lasagne
Mike: (repeats exactly what I said)
Me: babe, it's 2 things........think of all I have done tonight and I still have to cook, do meds, put up laundry, etc. really?
Mike: I couldn't do what you do that's why I married you.
Me: oh well that's nice
Mike: It's true
Me: okay so two got them?
Mike: Got it!

So he brought home the foil pan............and cream of chicken soup WITH HERBS! So let's hope the Mexican casserole doesn't taste a bit funny.

Me: Babe you got cream of chicken soup with HERBS
Mike: I didn't know ... you never told me!!!
Me: I didn't even know they made that.....I mean that took special effort to pick that up
Mike: Well...........I shouldn't have had to go anyway...Emily should have had to walk to get it ..she ate it!  
Me: My casserole may taste a little Thanksgiving like
Mike: Oh sure make fun of the guy with the sore throat...just kick me while I am down why don't you. I am suing
Me: You are suing?
Mike: Yes for cruel and unusual punishment.........for for....laughing at me. For sending me to the store with multiple options!!!
Me: (giggle)
Mike: seeeeeeeeeeeeee (walking into the bedroom) I am going to watch TMZ........don't even try to open my door.
Me: (now in tears...laughing hysterically)
Mike: You are NOT funny!!!
Me: (quietly giggling)

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Kim C. said...

There is a cream of chicken soup with herbs? Who knew! So glad things are going well. I wish Jude much continued good health, he has made so much progress and he looks so happy.