Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jude, busy, a baby, and tragedies.

Today has been an emotional day. I am not sure if my emotion was caused by actual events, sleep deprivation, or stress. I am assuming it's from actual events. My wonderful great friend Jen is now on maternity leave at work. She had a bouncing beautiful 9lb 3 oz baby girl on Friday. She is healthy in every way and I am so thankful for her easy delivery.

With that being said work has been a beast. I expected it to be of such since I knew I would be picking up her shift with the help of her mom and our fill in Blake. I have done this before..........although I quickly realized I covered two jobs.........when I was much younger (insert laughs). So on Tuesday our amazing part time person Susie (who happens to be Jen's mom) let out a sigh at about 3pm and said, "I think I am fading". What a great response to a stressful situation. Work is actually great when it's super busy so in the end it all worked out. Although, I still love her response and I think I will use it in the future. "I am fading".

When I got to work today I expected a fury of issues to arise and our day would mimic the one before it. However, our morning was a duplicate but the afternoon was rather slow. I was able to get caught up on all my paperwork and had plenty of time to relax. However I had encountered sad news when I walked in the door today. An old friend had a granddaughter that was in a major accident. She was burned as she tried to rescue a friend from burning wreckage. She is very young and watched her best friend pass away. My heart BROKE for her. After that I heard that my cousins husbands dad was losing a portion of his leg. So this day was laced with a bit of sad information. I pray for all those that are encountering tragic situations. It's a reminder to me that life never goes as you plan it to.

I know I have posted some blogs that suggested I was struggling. I think I still deal with what happened to Jude and I still feel the heavy burden of our entire family's finances on my shoulders. I know this will change, but it's still very.............well heavy. I also know struggle because I know that I need a job that provides retirement. Let me preface this with letting people know that I understand I should have a retirement program in force (Easier sad than done when you need your entire check). Anyway, I am looking at my life in general. Man I am thankful I have a good job that understands I must leave when Jude is sick, however I know I must look around in the future. Eventually my boss will retire and I will need a different job. I want to go into claims when he retires. I have an adjuster license and VAST experience in insurance. I want to help put people's lives back together after a tragedy. I love helping people and the epitome of helping others would be to ease their pain in such a desperate situation as a total loss. To even think about my boss retiring at some point and leaving my job after so many years........sends me into a panic attack. To leave at all......makes me hyperventilate (grabbing a paper bag).

So let's turn our thoughts to Jude which is the basis of my blog. Jude is doing very well. Tonight I grabbed Emily's IPAD and I started the "monster" app that I have referenced before. The monster mimics your voice, pops balloons, and more. Jude LOVES "Leonard" the monster. He even hit the buttons several times to make the monster "talk". Jude also laughed hysterically when I tickled the soft part under his chin. He is such a good boy. I am thankful he has been healthy for so long.

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