Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Bah Humbug to Merry Christmas.

Well I was suppose to have a lot of people over to my house for Christmas Eve, but that has fallen apart. For one reason or another people have had to back out. It's not their fault by any means. My cousin was one of the last families that was going to make it, but they had one of their little ones wind up sick last night... poor kiddo. So I have six little ornaments wrapped up on my counter for our ornament exchange, lots of food for everyone, three dozen cookies, and reindeer food that won't get used. I was all sad and Mike pointed out that we have our family here and that's what is important. So this morning I woke up and said...

Me: I had a dream that Em had gone to college and you left me so I really was alone for Christmas
Mike: Did I have a girlfriend?
Me: Yes
Mike: was she good looking?
Me: Yes..but I think you are missing the point
Mike: How old was she?
Me (irritated) I don't know!
Mike: Like 20's? I mean I need to know this stuff hopefully I got one in the 20's.
Me: (laughing)
Mike: Tell me what channel your dream was on so I can finish it
Me: your such a butt

Funny thing is I remember at the end of my dream I flew off to Maui. I was very proud of myself too for buying a ticket and jetting off. I was on the beach in a recliner with a drink in my hand enjoying the sunset...and I woke up happy. Moral of my story is that crap happens that you cannot control so make the best of it!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I sure hope everyone feels better soon! I am so sorry people are sick during the holidays, shoo wee! My dad and his wife are still coming over and we having Tex-Mex tonight since tomorrow everyone will be having ham and turkey.

So we watched "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" last night. Of all movies.........Emily cried five times. I tried explaining to her that the Monkey's were CG, but she was still really upset at the animal abuse.

Jude has a bit of a fever today again, but not much. He just seems to get an elevated temp lately and then it will go away. The nurse is keeping track of him today and making sure he is alright.


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