Saturday, December 17, 2011

A fever and a party

Well Jude has a fever today for some reason. It's not real high, but he is still on the antibiotics so we are wondering what the deal is. He did whine a lot last night while he was sleeping. So we are watching him to see what is going on.

He doesn't seem upset today, but we are watching him. I thought it might be his teeth again, but there aren't red. He actually felt a lot warmer to me than 99.4. I am not sure I trust these under the arm auxiliary temps. I really want to get Jude one those head scan thermometers that the hospital uses.

Anyway, we have my cousins foster baby's first birthday party today. I have really grown to love that little bug and I am looking forward to his party.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Don't buy a head scan thermometer! They are SO inaccurate! We had one and could never get the same temp twice! Thankfully we still had a rectal thermometer handy because Reagan was running a high temp and the head scan was giving us anywhere from 99-102, when we used the rectal it was accurately giving us 105!! Big difference. We now have an ear scan thermometer and it's a lot more reliable...but if her temp gets too high you can bet we'd break out the rectal again. Its just more accurate!