Monday, September 12, 2011

Jude makes me smile!

Per my prior blog you can see about that Jude really is ALL boy....because he loves fart noises (insert laugh here). Jude is feeling better, but is still getting pretty congested before bed and is having a hard time sleeping. He doesn't fully wake up, but he whines multiple times throughout the night requesting to be repositioned. Mike and I are both really tired! Charlotte got there today and I let her in the door and then stumbled back to bed for 45 minutes prior to work. I slept so hard that I thought I had been in my bed for three hours. I panicked and checked my had only been twenty minutes (insert another laugh).

Jude was a funny boy all weekend. I went to the restroom and when I had gotten back little Jude had somehow manuevered a cloth diaper on to his face. We keep the cloth diapers near him in case he throws up. Anyway, he thought it was the funniest thing EVER!

He makes me smile!!! For a long time I wondered what I did wrong to have a baby that had so many medical issues. Maybe I had done something in my past? Now I realize I was really blessed with the perfect child that has touched so many people's lives.


Gilda said...

Oh my gosh! Jenn I love his laugh. Just made me smile today, I am so glad you see Jude as a blessing because that's exactly what he is. He has touch so many lifes and we have never even met. Truly special gift!

Aleman's said...

I love your blog and your little boy! I believe that special spirits like Jude only go to very special parents because they keep a connection to God. I also believe you will be blessed for eternity for being his mom.