Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emily and the dorm

I found this on my camera after Emily went to camp...she is so cute!

Jude thought it was pretty cute

So Em is at Camp this week and she was so excited. Although I don't think she put two and two together. I explained she was going to be in a college dorm room and we took bedding, but she didn't "get" what a dorm was until she walked in. The college is old and she looked around then she said "what is this". I said "This is a dorm room Emily". She said "I don't like it". I said "well what did you expect the Hilton? This is dorm life honey!". She said "well I expected some type of hotel atmosphere". I cracked up and told her the pageants have spoiled her. She was very comfortable when I left and was already making friends. I know she will have a great time this week. Luckily the camp has a website where I can see pictures of her in action.

                                                       She wasn't sure about the dorm

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