Friday, July 22, 2011

**CAUTION** graphic pictures

****GRAPHIC PICTURES do not look if you don't want to. You have been warned!***

I won't post this until the morning, but I wanted to tell everyone what happened today. About 1:30pm I received a phone call from Mike at work. It had been a horrible day at work so Jen was unable to connect Mike through to me. She looked up from her office and said "Mike just called and said it's an emergency". I was surprised because he never does that. I immediatley called him back. He said "I have been in a forklift accident and it's pretty bad. I am being taken to Baylor in Grapevine." My heart sank and I ran back to tell my boss I needed to go. He was very supportive and told me to drop everything and go to the hospital asap.

Once I got to the hospital I had to wait for Mike's ambulance to arrive. He kept texting me to tell me where they were at. I felt confident that he was alright if he was able to keep me informed. Once he arrived he kept texting for me to come back to be with him. I knew he was in a big panic. Once I got back to his room Mike was literally covered in blood from head to toe. He had a large bandage wrapped around his head and blood running down his face. I wasn't sure what to say, but I walked over and patted him. He said the smell of the blood was making him sick so I began cleaning him off the best I could. The doctor's worked to hook up IV lines and were monitoring his blood pressue. Mike said he was driving a forklift because he was short on drivers and his "guys" were behind. While driving the large machine a radio fell off and it distracted Mike. He clipped the bottom of a pole which caused a fire extingusher to fall and it exploded. In a cloud of smoke Mike was thrown forward into the roll bar in the safety cage on the forklift splitting his head open and cutting it very deep. I said "Babe that's not so safety" and he just smiled.

They completed a CT scan which thankfully showed that the injury did not cause any bruising or bleeding on the brain. So after awhile they called someone in that works in plastic surgery and she sutured Mike's head up, but before she did he wanted me to take a picture. Be prepared because it's nasty......but you can see why we are so thankful he is okay.

Our initial reaction was "why does this always happen to us?". I quickly decided we are actually very lucky. I cannot imagine having Mike invalid as well as Jude. I cannot imagine losing Mike...he is my soul mate. I felt so lucky when he hugged me tonight when we got home. I love my husband very much!

I forgot to mention that earlier in the day at work another lead manager drove his forklift through a wall and it was a foot away from where Mike was sitting. Something was determined to get him! Now we sit and wait and hope the Dallas Cowboys keep Mike on in his current position. Mike loves his job very much.  


x o x o u i said...

Goodness!!!!!!! I'm so glad it wasn't worse! How is Mike doing now? Is he in a lot of pain? :-(

You know, my second thought was about W/C claims (heeheehee!) since I work for a workers' comp carrier. Things happen that just can't be helped, even when you put safety first.

Shannon said...

Well that post title is a sure way to get a bazillion visits to your blog! When I saw it on the right side of my blog i just HAD to click!

I am so happy for you that everyone is okay! How scary! But how fortunate for you that he got to call you himself.

jocalyn said... i didn't want to look...but couldn't stop myself. so glad he's ok.

and it may be time for the dallas cowboys to do a safety training on fork lifts. i used to be in warehouses all the time when i worked and they can be suuuuuper dangerous! (but i don't have to tell you that!)


sarah said...

oh my! reminds me of the time my hubby called from the ER and told me he "cut the tip of his finger off" then hung up...all day he kept calling and giving me a teeny bit of info, then hanging up. I was freaking out until he finally came home--turns out he cut like 4 layers of skin off the very tip of his finger! Although I had to bandage it for several weeks, you can't tell it ever happened.

That does look like a nasty deep cut,but I am so glad that all the damage is "skin deep". I am sure you know, head wounds bleed like crazy, no matter how deep they are. I actually tell my friends who are new parents to get a few red/dark colored washcloths or towels to put with their first aid stuff--that way you can't see how bad the bleeding is.

Gilda said...

Oh my gosh! Jenn I am so sorry this happened to Mike. I certainly will be praying for a quick and safe recovery.