Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night

So Em has her little cousin over, and I am on the couch wondering what we should do for dinner. I do have a funny and very personal story to share. Seeing how this is a personal blog I feel comfortable telling everyone this because it should at least make you laugh. So earlier I had to go to the bathroom, you know for the 100 millionth time today, so I make my way to the potty area. Suddenly as I sit down and I get this excruciating pain down my booty and through the back of my leg. I am figuring it was my sciatic nerve, and at this point I am paralyzed!!! It hurt so bad I honestly couldn't even stand up. After attempting to stand up several times and realizing it just wasn't going to happen...I roll myself off the porcelain God and prop myself against the wall. I am standing there thinking to myself "Oh Lord please let this go away my husband CANNOT find me in here with my pants down in agony!!". So slowly I try to pull my pants up to no avail, and I realize I am stuck. I am now bouncing between tears and laughter. All I can think is that if my cousin or Sarah M were there they wouldn't be able to help me either because they would be on the floor laughing their butts off. So finally the pain released a little so I could maneuver my pants up. I then hear Emily outside my door and I think... I AM SAVED! So I call for Em who looks at me very concerned and goes and gets my husband. I am sure he wanted to laugh, but instead he helps me to the bed where I can lay down until the pain subsides. I then layed there and laughed out loud to myself for awhile, and of course had to text both Sarah's and admit my guilt.
On a different note I was watching Special Deliveries today and there was a woman who's baby decided to turn transverse during delivery. The doctor came out and to the camera said "You can deliver a normal baby, even a breech baby, but no amount of laboring will let you deliver a transverse baby without a c section it will kill them". I started thinking about how dangerous childbirth was back before our medical progress. Of course, I do still think our science has at times has exceeded our humanity, but still. I think as Americans we are sometimes under the impression that pregnancy is all rose petals, and baby powder smells and that's not always the case. We innocently believe that nothing can ever go wrong, and that if it does we will always be ok. Unfortunaltey, there are a lot of women out there that experience horrible losses, difficult times, and stress beyond belief and I find them courageous and in my prayers. Which made me reflective again on the past and how scared some women must have been back in "the old days". A transverse baby back in the 1500's meant death for sure, and just think they didn't even KNOW about pre-eclampsia, etc. It must have been a scary, but glorious time to be pregnant in those days. Don't even get me started on Anne Boelyn.........poor chick lost her head for not conceiving a boy. Anyway, there is my rant for the day......with humor thrown in. Have a great weekend everyone.

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