Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well last night I started the contractions again and didn't sleep very well. Um if it's not making any progression this just SUCKS. Anyway, I also lost my mucus plug which I know sounds nasty but people that read my blog get the honest truth. The on call doctor yet again argued with me and told me he thought I was just seeing "stuff" from the internal exam. Um I have been through this before and I know EXACTLY what an MP looks like and trust me that's what it was. I hate it when Doctors don't listen to you. Then again he wanted to give me mag sulfate when it wasn't in my best interest either. I am so ready for my doctor to come back. I am doing pretty well though. The only thing that is concerning me is I am just not feeling Jude move as much as I normally do. I am afraid the contractions are starting to get to him. Then again it may just be my imagination because of everything else. I got pretty emotional last night laying in bed because I was mushing my stomach and he just would not move. I finally felt a little flutter so I went back to sleep. I am pretty tired of dealing with this and my emotions are taking over. I am going to venture out of the house today if I feel like it. Jude needs some booties and onsies before he gets here.

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Luane said...

Sounds like things are moving fastly and Jude is gonna be here soon. I know with 3 of my kids, I lost or noticed I lost my MP with one of them. When you lose it, you know it. I am sure if you say you saw it , you did.
Jude is in a hurry to get here and out meet everyone.