Monday, January 16, 2017

Piggy Smalls

I text my cousin this weekend, "When you do something so shocking as allowing your child to buy a pig you find out who has got a positive attitude or who has a negative one REAL quick. You also find out about little conversations when you're not present" She replied, "I think it's awesome!! Life is short so get a pig!!" Love her! 

This past week Mike was making sales calls to local retailers and was visiting a feed store. While at the store he looked around sent us this picture. 

Never in a million years would I have ever thought we would have brought this baby pig home. However Emily talked Mike into taking her to actually see the pig in person. On the way there he told her if she could get 350 likes on Facebook by the time they reached the store he would let her buy it with her Winstar winnings. We all laughed thinking it was a joke. Emily to date now has 975 votes, no I am not kidding and we have a pig. 

We have a menagerie of animals actually. Three dogs, three cats, 10 chickens, fish, and now a micro pig. I think Emily is actually hoping she gets asked if she has any animals at her next pageant. She is dying to tell them about her zoo. So on the way back home we had the following conversation. 

Mike: I am proud of you
Me: For what? 
Mike: For allowing us to get the pig and not get upset
Me: Life's short
Mike: and I think you have really learned that. Life is fast and how many more times do you think you will see her this happy before she leaves. Plus I love animals. 

So if you know me you're shocked we got a pig. I know my best friend is still reeling from it and she came to play with Piggy Smalls AKA Buddy (Emily named him from Elf) last night. I am generally always the rational one, holder of the money, maker of sound decisions, cooker of the food, and all things Oz like. Mike laughed and said, "You think people are looking in at us going my word their grief is out of control." No we just took a chance. I grew up on the weekends at my stepmother's parents house. I helped feed the pigs, tend to the pigs, go feed the cows, harvest the garden, and yes even take the animals to slaughter. Although no one will be touching little Piggy or my chickens! I know quiet a bit about these animals. I know a few can actually stay around 30 lbs but most get much larger. I know they are also very intelligent as indicated by the little pig litter box and crate training itself in...........ONE DAY! We have a great house with dog doors to go potty when he gets bigger and we have a lot of land for all our animals. I loved the premise of the movie, "We Bought A Zoo" if you haven't seen it I encourage you to watch it. 

So last night Mike and Emily were joking about the adventures of Ollie and Buddy, the cat and the pig. I laughed and said, "Wouldn't it be funny if my friend was correct and I continued to write. Maybe a children's story on Ollie and Buddy or Felicia the chicken ." We all had a good laugh. Laughing is good...........laughing is something we are discovering again. However the laughter abruptly went away when the Cowboys lost in the last 20 seconds of the game and my husband had to soak in a hot bath for an hour. His heart was pulled out and stomped on I think. Well Buddy helped make him smile before bed so that'll do pig, that'll do. 

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