Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pneumonia blows

Oh Jude's had a terrible night. He had a fever I couldn't break and was in so much pain. The past few days I could tell Jude was showing the classic symptoms of getting sick. Then tonight he really showed us. After many failed medications I called hospice. Jude has probable pneumonia, is very ill, and is waiting on his antibiotic to arrive.

So Mike just looked at me and said, "what do we do? Do we go to Houston, do you go alone, or what?". I have no idea. We are monitoring the situation but it never fails that this happens. Poor Jude and what a cruddy situation. Regardless we will get Emily to where she needs to go and if need be I'll fly in but I was looking forward to time with Mike. Jude's health is what's important so we will do what we have to to make sure he is well taken care of.

Tonight Jude was wheezing very badly which I have not seen before. The Morphine helped stop that issue. So some prayers for Jude would be wonderful.

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Lisa said...

Always praying for your family. Thank you for the updates.