Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Live like Jude

I think we were all notably shaken last Friday when Paris was attacked by radical terrorists. I think in America we felt so closely related to the situation because of the 9/11 attacks. We know the feeling of being completely exposed and vulnerable to a horrific situation. So I began thinking back to the 9/11 events and how young Emily was at the time. Everyone parents differently so some people may not agree but I have always been up front with Emily. Even as a small 4 year old child I would sit Emily down and explain to her when a tragic situation occurred and as shocked as some might be I even let her watch the event unfold on TV (monitored of course). I didn't want her growing up thinking the world was a wonderfully positive place that's all sunshine and roses. I wanted her to understand there are bad people in the world that intend to harm us. I wanted her to learn to not live in fear but to be educated and aware of her surroundings. So when her tiny voice asked me why the bad men flew the planes into the big buildings I answered as honestly as I could. Then I hoped that Emily would grow up learning to live life to it's fullest and know that by being a good human being she could make a difference. I repeated this process after the space shuttle went down, after multiple shootings at schools and colleges, Katrina, and more. I hoped that Emily would have a good understanding of the world and to be a proud American. 

After I reminisced about Emily I realized again just how lucky Jude is. He will never experience the fear of terrorism, the plague of war, or the surge of hate people feel for us. All he will ever know is love and safety. My husband always says we should all strive to live like Jude. I think he is right. 

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