Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jude's attacks, tone, and more

When I got home last night Jude once again had a terrible tone attack. After wrestling with him on the couch I decided to put him in his wheelchair. This seems to be the only thing that helps break the tone. As you can see he was pretty stressed when we put him in the chair. You can also hear the issues we have had with the mechanical congestion.

Jude spent two hours in the wheelchair. I miss holding him but he pushes his head back so hard into your arm that you can feel it the next day. Since I couldn't hold him I just held his hand.

I also gave him a dose of Valium to break his tone and calm him down. Eventually he became more calm and happy again.


I also believe he is having new seizure activity with these tone issues. He seems to hold his breathe for a few seconds and then recovers with a laugh. Classic Jude seizure activity in my opinion. I have put several calls into the neurologist but I have not heard back yet. I really don't think there is much they can do other than medicate him more. I think this is just a lasting effect from the surgery. Something happened whether it was from anesthesia or recovery. He slept a little better last night.

I still worry about taking Jude with us to Houston next month. I am not sure it's the best idea, but Mike pointed out Jude would be sedated at night when we drove there. I know it's a quick trip and probably not worth the worry, but I am still mulling it all over in my head. If Jude stays home we would have to bring someone in for several nights and could someone else truly care for him in this state other than his nurses. If we take him with us will he be okay in the hotel and on the drive back home. I think he would, but the drive still bothers me. If he had a difficult time it would be miserable for him and for us. I guess I have 30 days to figure it out.

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