Thursday, October 2, 2014


Well the Clonidine has been completely nixed the patch and the pill. It did NOT mix well with Jude at all. My guess is still that the pill caused this bruising in addition to the host of other issues Jude has had with the Clonidine. At least that's what I am hoping.
So the good news is that Jude's CBC once again came back fine. However the lab..............ready for this...............just skipped right over the clotting factors. They didn't RUN IT! The doctor is very angry. It's the WHOLE reason we went to that lab.

I am really just shaking my head. The lab admitted they just overlooked it and that they cannot run it on the current blood. So we have to take him back and do it all over again. This after been home for days waiting. ...and they wonder why Ebola is in Dallas. (Sorry had to throw that in there).

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