Saturday, July 20, 2013


Jude has been pretty restless the last couple of nights, but he still smiles for me when I pick him up. I am not sure if it's because he is having pain in his legs or if he has something else going on. His color is GREAT, he is breathing wonderful, and as long as you are holding him he is very happy. So he could just be experiencing some growing pains or he may have another issue starting. I personally think he just has some growing pains. Mike has been pretty upset at the fact that Jude has to have surgery, even though this is something we knew would happen.

We are both very upset over recent postings on Facebook regarding people losing their children. Tonight Mike walked through the door bawling regarding a post my friend Gena put up. He looked at me to cry and I replied, "God has taught me that it's not the one you suspect will pass but the one you cherish that you think will be with you always that you lose. So you love each and every one for as long as they are here and you love them long after that too. You appreciate everyone you can because you just never know."

The stories I hear affect me. They make me realize that no matter where I am that I should love everyone I can for as long as I can.

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Rita said...

You all go through a tremendous amount of emotion. You handle things well so never doubt yourself. God is right there with you and it is obvious by your posts. He will be with you through it all just like he has been for me. Keep reading his word even if just a short devotional each day in fact, that is what has helped me the most. You are going to be ok because God is there. Hugs ~ Rita