Thursday, July 25, 2013

Much better and Jude's surgery

I am in much better spirits today! I was able to sleep pretty well last night and I woke up refreshed. I also woke up very thankful for friends, family, and my husband.

Jude's therapist came out yesterday and said she believes his hip displacement just started recently. She also agreed that the Botox injections should help some. She informed us about what it will be like after his surgery. She said he could be in a double cast up to 6 months, his diapers may not fully fit, and that it's not easy. Well, we didn't think it would be. She said we would qualify for full time nursing with the surgery, but I am not sure we would want that. We can take care of Jude when we are not working. I guess I will just need to see the extent of what this will involve. I have seen several moms on my Facebook post pictures of their children after the double hip surgery. I am sure the doctor will go into depth on what to expect, she was just giving us a heads up. I am having a hard time imagining picking him up and caring for him but people do it every day.

For Emily's 16th birthday she wants to go on a trip. She keeps asking to go to Disney World, but that's hard to think about. It's hard because we feel like Jude should be able to go, but we understand he can't. So do we pick some place else because he cannot enjoy a place that's created for kids or do we take Emily anyway because it's her wish. It's an emotional decision.  Since Jude's surgery is lurking in the future I have decided to try to make this trip work for her after the first of the year.

So the other night I had the new kitten up on Jude's tummy as I was holding him. I noticed he kept darting his eyes at her and smiling. I asked "Jude is that the kitty?" and he would smile big. So this morning Charlotte tells me that the kitten and Jude nap together. When they wake up she has noticed Jude really looking at the kitten and smiling. So I think she has been a big benefit for Jude.

Make it a great day!

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