Sunday, June 30, 2013

A shave and a haircut....

The doctor did increase Jude's Artane intake. So far he seems to be doing very well with the change in medication. I have seen a few bruises this weekend, but they are on his arms and he likes to hit his toys hard.

Jude's hair has been getting very long again and I have already blogged about how excruciating it is to give Jude a haircut. It's just awful! He hates the buzzing noises of the clippers and it is just miserable for him. So tonight we decided to sedate Jude and I insisted on cutting his hair myself. Mike was taking Emily to get a new PS3 game and I assured him that I could handle cutting Jude's hair! I kissed Jude softly before I gave him the dose of Valium and told him goodnight. I sighed heavily as I administered the medication and felt horrible I had to sedate him. I waited about 15 minutes and then laid Jude softly on the yellow wedged mat. I began to quickly trim the hair away and Jude looked at me curiously. I assured him the entire time that mommy was just helping him out. He was calm......which was good. The whole process took under 15 minutes and then I ran him a warm bath. I struggled (with my back) to get Jude into the bath and I once again admired Charlotte's strength with Jude each day. I washed Jude off and talked to him sweetly. I then moved him to the bed and covered him in baby lotion. Then I snuggled him into a fluffy blanket and let him fall fast asleep. I kissed him gently on the head and told him to have sweet dreams.

I sometimes struggle with the fact that other people are caring for my child. I shouldn't, but I do. I feel guilty! I am so good at running an office, my own business, and more.......but home is not as well rounded. I don't get a lot of time to clean and when I have the time it's NOT what I want to do. Jude's schedule of doctors appointments are scrawled into my work calendar, but I know I miss some days. However, our family has been blessed. Some how God knew that I needed relief in some form so he sent the most amazing nurse to take care of Jude. Many people struggle with leaving their kids. Many people struggle with finding a good nurse. I guess God just knew that due to my past I would feel the need to continue working to care for my family so he sent the most amazing most organized human being to care for Jude. Charlotte organizes all of Jude's medications and if he needs a refill of medication she now has the pharmacy delivering!! We don't even have to wait in line anymore. His therapists all are on perfect schedules, his so thoughtful teacher just comes to visit, and his doctor visits are fine tuned on the calendar. She even sweetly helps Mike's blind mother around on Fridays as his mother pats and sings to Jude. Charlotte is amazing she is one of a kind. Sometimes early in the morning I answer the door in a haze and Charlotte just knows it's been a long sleepless night......and she doesn't judge. I drag myself back to bed for a few minutes before going to work and when I get up Jude is all smiles. She is so good with him!!! She baths him, washes his linens, and just loves him. On top of that we have a great weekend nurse that looks after Jude too. Don't ever mistake that I don't know our blessings because I really do.

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Reagan Leigh said...

You're lucky! We've never had a nurse do even a fraction of that! Maybe it's because it's hard for me to hand over tasks when it comes to Reagan, or maybe it's because we've never had a decent nurse?? Hoping and praying our experience here in Austin will be different!!